TinyUmbrella Free Download : Best iOS tool to Downgrade iOS software

TinyUmbrella is one of the best software you can use for iOS systems which includes not only the iPhones but also the iPods and the iPads. There are times when the old firmware just feels better than the new ones and we know that it feels impossible to revert back once upgraded. But that is fully possible now, thanks to the TinyUmbrella application.
We will help you download this application, use this application, know how this application and let you know how this application works out. You will be able to get through the security of the Apple devices without doing the so-called ‘jail break’. No matter which errors you experience, you will be able to fix them in case they are software related if you use the TinyUmbrella . You will have total control over the shsh blobs of your iOS device.


TinyUmbrella Safety & Security

TinyUmbrella Safety & Security

We all know that the safety and security of the device which the user is using are of the utmost importance and we are sure that we will keep it in mind while writing this article so that you do not face any problems. We have totally accessed the TinyUmbrella application and used it on a good amount of devices.

We also went through the vulnerability checklist after we flashed the old and new firmware and we found out all of them to be safe. Even if the device which you are using is jailbroken already, the TinyUmbrella app will provide you with the options to revert back to the previous version and get rid of the jailbroken version.

The best part is that you can also download this application for Windows and the support extends to as long as 10/8.1/8/7. The reason that this application works without a jailbreak is that it saves your shsh data. You can now update to the latest frameworks without worry because of this application.

Reasons to use TinyUmbrella in 2019

  • One of the best things about this application is that it is free of cost as well as trustable. There are no hidden charges to use the services which this application provides.
  • In case your phone is in the recovery mode and you are not able to revert the problem, this is one of the applications which is helpful in getting you unstuck in those situations.
  • If you are getting bugs when trying to connect to the iTunes or you are not able to revert the jailbroken phone, this is the no brainer goto application.
  • You will not lose any data when you use the latest version of this application in order to modify the firmware version of your iOS device.
  • You will be able to restore all the device information, save the shsh files as well as to detect the desired devices using this application.
  • One of the best things about this application is that they have provided support on all the platforms including android, windows, mac, etc.

How to download TinyUmbrella in 2019

There are several platforms we will cover in this tutorial:

TinyUmbrella for Android

  1. First, open up the settings menu of your Android phone and open up the security options
  2. Search for the unknown sources option and make sure that you allow that option
  3. By doing that, you will be able to download the third party applications on your phone and install them
  4. Click on the link below to download the TinyUmbrella apk and then proceed ahead and install the application on your Android device.TinyUmbrella apk
  5. Now, open up the application on your device and open up the android data recovery menu. Use the USB cable in order to connect the Android device to your computer and make sure that you enable the USB debugging option by opening the developer options under the settings of your android.
  6. After you are done with the detection part, you can proceed ahead with the recovery option in the app and when it detects the recovery files, you can choose which file to recover.TinyUmbrella Android
  7. It might take more or less time depending on the device you have.

TinyUmbrella for iOS

  1. Click on the link below in order to download the TinyUmbrella application for your iPhone
  2. Download the desktop application after you are done with downloading the TinyUmbrella app for iOS
  3. You might get an error when you try to open that application on the desktop
  4. All you need to do is download JAVA in order to make the application work.
  5. To download java, google search the term ‘java’
  6. Download the free java setup file using the official Java website and proceed to install that application
  7. Now all you need to do is open up the TinyUmbrella application and in case it starts with the verification of your device data, then the application is successfully installed on your pc
  8. Make sure to give the required permissions to the application
  9. Now connect your device and let it be detected. Once it is detected, you will be able to downgrade your device
  10. Make sure to select the appropriate iOS version on the app after it detects the phone
  11. You will be able to check out the different SHSH blobs and in case you cannot see any of them, click on the save button
  12. Once you are done with it, you can use the option to start TSS server in order to get the phone up and running with the version of your choice
  13. If the server is still not starting, do not proceed ahead
  14. Open the iTunes application on your desktop
  15. Make sure that you put the iPhone in the DFU mode by holding the power and the home button for ten seconds. Now stop pressing the power button but continue with pressing the home button for 10 seconds.
  16. Now select the device in the iTunes application
  17. Press the shift + alt buttons in order to restore
  18. Open the IPSW file folder and open up the IPSW file
  19. You will now be able to downgrade your iPhone to the selection of your choice

TinyUmbrella for Windows

You can click the link below in order to download TinyUmbrella application for Windows

Most of the applications are not supported in windows when it comes to restoring firmware. There might be some but they are as bugged as they come. The TinyUmbrella is one of those applications which is available for the windows pc and comes as clean as they come.

TinyUmbrella for Windows

  1. Make sure you installed java beforehand so that the above error does not pop up.
  2. You can also download it in Bluestacks. All you need to do is download the Bluestacks application from the official website and set it up on your desktop. Then drag the apk file of your TinyUmbrella application and drop it on the bluestacks emulator. You can now install it the same way you do in the Android mobile phones.
  3. To use the TinyUmbrella application on your Windows machine, you can simply use the above procedure to download it and install in your Windows machine.TinyUmbrella Windows
  4. Then insert the USB cord of your device in your pc and hence connect your device to the computer.
  5. Your device should be in the recovery mode. Open the TinyUmbrella application and let the device get detected.

TinyUmbrella Windows 10

After you have been alerted that you are in the recovery mode, you will need to click on exit the recovery mode so that the mobile is rebooted and all the recovery errors will be fixed by TinyUmbrella automatically.

TinyUmbrella for Mac

  1. You can use the link below in order to download the appropriate TinyUmbrella for mac
  2. Click the mac os x file in order to run the TinyUmbrella application
  3. Make sure you have java runtime installed in your mac os so that the TinyUmbrella application can run
  4. Now once you open the application, all the files will be verified by the TinyUmbrella application
  5. After the verification process has been done, you will be able to connect the device and start downgrading it to the old firmware version.
  6. To use the TinyUmbrella application on your mac, open it up
  7. Connect your device using the USB cable and check whether it has been detected in the top left part of your screenTinyUmbrella Mac
  8. Make sure to select your device and click on the option to fetch ota for all. This will fetch the shsh blobs for you
  9. You will be able to find the shsh blobs on your mac later on

Features of TinyUmbrella

  • It is available at no cost at all
  • The GUI is one of the easiest to understand for users of all levels
  • All the devices are supported and you can easily connect your device and disconnect it from the application as you please
  • The goal of this application is to save all the shsh blobs and help the users downgrade the firmware to the version of their choice
  • The latest Windows 8 version (x64) can detect all the blobs automatically once the device has been connected to the computer

Changelog of the iOS Firmware

  • The very first firmware was released in 2007 and it was known as iOS 1.
  • There were a good amount of updates to the iOS 1 and they bought a significant amount of changes to the firmware.
  • After the threshold had been reached, they named the firmware iOS 2.
  • Another major update came in and they released the iOS 3.
  • This one had one of the most unique abilities; it was the copying and pasting of the text as well as voice control and notifications!
  • This was the era of change and now that the growth began to rapidly take place.
  • Apple began to make use of the processing abilities and started designing features which took advantage of that power.
  • The fourth version of iOS had enabled the multitasking capabilities of the phone.
  • The later versions like the iOS 6 also added the integration of the Apple Maps.


We have included all the minor steps and details into this article. We assure you that you will be able to make the fullest use of the TinyUmbrella application if you use our guide. Make sure to use the links which we have provided here and not other random ones because they might contain malware and might inflict harm upon your device. We hope that you enjoyed this detailed read and it helped you achieve your goal. Have a great day.