Best Application that iOS user must be using in 2019

iOS is a genuine platform which provides better security & privacy for their users. In this Article, we need some Application to use which every iOS user must be using it in day to day life to get the better experience. Here are some of the application listed below:


This application is used for auto-blocking the spam messages calls from the unwanted telemarketer, spammers & robocalls even if they are spoofing or changing their numbers. This application is not free to use it costs around 70₹ per months. There are many applications like RoboKiller are available for blocking this kind of calls and messages.


Letterboxd is a social media application. Which is owned by a small number of teams. If you are movie lovers then you must need to try this application in which the user needs to log in & share your experiences with the movie you watch and keep track of it. You can contribute your reviews and start your own list about the series you are watching.

iTranslate Converse

iTranslate Converse turns your iPhone in to your translation App. This application enables around 35+ languages of translation which works on noisy environment. The user need to Tap & Hold to speak and release to get the translated voice. This application will be very much helpful for the Traveler which roams all around the world which uses two language one is the language which the user need to understand and the other language will be the native language of the user.

Yoga Wake Up

It is a premium application which helps to wake up with a warm alarm tune and some kind of yoga meditation which will make your day better which costs you around $9.99 for monthly subscription and $53.99 for yearly subscription which will be charged from iTunes account. This application helps you to meditate with some yogis expert through the Application.

Uber Eats

I hope everyone will aware of this application those who love to eat may use this application will definitely love this. It is a free app to use but the food you order through the app must have to pay. If you forgot your lunch, dinner or breakfast no worries of staying hunger you can use uber eats.


Xbox is a video gaming site developed by Microsoft which is available for iOS for all the gaming enthusiasts. It brings all the games in one which is the motto of this site we just need to pay some package/subscription fee to get access for the game. In Xbox we can join the live game by joining the club we can play with your friends to in that club.


Viber is an communication application which helps to communicate with your family friends for free with the use of Internet from text to video calls we can buy the premium plan which includes backup for iClouds, money transfer & beautiful stickers. Which is available on iOS, Android MS Windows, mac OS & Linux platforms.

These are the application which we can use in our day to day life.

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