Best podcast apps for iOS

Best podcast apps for iOS

Before moving ahead with the article here are some of the basic information of Podcast which every listener must know this.

The podcast is simply a digital Audio file which is stored with some informational/knowledgeable stuff for the user to download or listen to the podcast online/offline. It is like a modern radio station which is high on demand which comes with a series of episodes focus on a particular topic which you can listen to your iOS devices.

There are some applications available on iOS in which you can listen to the podcast.

Apple podcast

The Apple podcast is the number one application on the iPhone where all 80% of the downloads come from the Apple Podcast. The user can browse free shows & episode’s from various topics related to their interests. The user can use listen to podcasts offline also to listen online the user must need to download the episode which they want to listen.


This application allows the user to listen to 1000’s of podcasts which you can listen directly from this app. This application includes some various categories like lifestyle, News, Technology, Sports & Relationship etc. It is available on iPhone, Android not on iPad. This application is free to use which don’t sell any premium features.


This application is powered by cloud service, Overcast includes different versions in which each version is releases something different or fixes it bugs and release the versions. This app is best because it won’t drain the battery fast and gives fast response to users. We can synchronize and backup the application for preventing the data loss which is there in it.


Castro application is free to use which helps the user to arrange the library in a queue. Castro can be controlled over the Apple watches too by which you can play, pause or even change the next episode over your Apple watch.

Pocket cast

This podcast started with the iOS devices and later on, it has been developed for Windows, MAC & also for Android. This podcast can be played in Alexa also which also gets its recolonization which is available up to 7 version. This app provides more features than Google Podcast with user customization. The podcast can be downloaded easily without any charges.


If you are new to podcast wanna try to listen to it then castbox will be the best application which helps the user to select their choices of interest then the collection of a podcast is listed into it, which has a very good user interface comes with a free version of the application. These apps are available on Android device, Apple iPhone, Alexa, Google Home & Android Auto.

So if you want to listen or explore some best Audio of your Interest start listening with these applications we had mentioned some of the best Application which many users are using it in day-to-day life. Make sure you try all of them which are free to use.



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