How to boost your iPhone?

How to boost your iPhone?

Does your iPhone lag while you are performing some important task? Did you feel frustrated with your phone? No worries from now just follow some basic tips to speed up your iPhone which will help you forever.

Tips to improve your RAM memory:

Clear your browsing history such as clearing the cookies & data.

If you are searching for anything on Google then once if you got those things which you needed then immediately or after some alternate day clear your browsing history & cookie’s which keeps your password and traces the data where you have been visited some cached files which must need to be deleted.

Remove unnecessary Application

Have you ever noticed that there must be the unused application in all of their devices we don’t know why this application exists in our phone some of the application may take the storage and while performing our task the device may lag due to this, If you have too many applications installed on your device then get an application which may help you to remove the unwanted application which you haven’t used and there are some inbuilt apps also available which can’t be deleted.

Reduce Motion

Apple devices use effects of motion within the application. Reduce motion can also be said as parallax effect. The motion effects help to show the display in 3D effect for better user experience. These motion effects don’t slow the phone that much as compared to other applications it is ok to be in the on mode. If you don’t need then you can turn off the Reduce motion.

For turning on the Reduce Motion on you need to go to settings> General > Accessibility >Reduce Motion and turn on Reduce Motion.

Delete raw unwanted data

There may be definitely many data which you may not be needed. In fact, I too have a junk of folder which I think to delete it but because of laziness, I am not able to do it. Delete unwanted videos, music, audio, PDF files, cached files which is no use in any kind. Keep those files with you which you use it. Rest all the data you can delete or transfer into hard-disk which you can use it later.

Replace your iPhone battery.

Nowadays Apple has been slowing down it’s older versions on their phone. In order to increase their battery power then you just need to replace with the new one which comes under the reasonable price.

Check your device warranty if your battery drain within the warranty you can replace it free of cost.

These are some of the tips in which you can boost your RAM faster and there is plenty of application available on the internet for cleaning the RAM.

One last tip for boosting the memory:

Start off the Automatic download. Setting> iTunes and App Store> Off all the Automatic Download.

Setting> General> Background Application refresh & turn off.

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