How to Restore Deleted Application & Files on your iOS device?

How to Restore Deleted Application & Files on your iOS device?

Due to mishandling of your device or probably some kids may uninstall without knowing or due to any other reason your application gets uninstalled which you need the most for that you paid $$$ what to do then? Don’t worry you won’t need to purchase it again. Many iOS users don’t know that we can Restore Deleted Application on your iOS device.

One simple way to restore the Deleted Application

Get it to know first which application has been deleted. Open the App Store then select the profile and it will bring to your account page that is your profile page. Go ahead then select the purchase followed by select my purchase which you will get a list of Apps which you have downloaded since you logged in with your iTunes or iClouds account.

You can re-install the deleted application in some cases if you don’t know which application got deleted you can check it here you will get the status of the recent applications. If you want to install the application again then select the little cloud button which is your download button. Once you download that application you can able to see the downloading option in your home screen.

If these applications are paid one no worry about it you don’t need to pay for it again as they won’t be charging. Go to your App Store account followed by click into the Personal Account which is your Profile Account which will be shown in the right corner, then click on the Purchased> My Purchases> Not on this iPhone then you will be seen as the above image then the same procedure has to be followed such as clicking the small cloud option for reinstalling the uninstalled Application. Once after downloading the application open the application in your device and probably the data you can restore or some other time you can not restore the data which you have been lost. By this method, you can restore the deleted Application on your iOS device.

The data which you store in your memory will need to backup frequently while in a month or as per your convenient for preventing the data loss.

There are some ways that can be followed while backup the device.

Backup iPhone on Computer.

We can backup our iPhone into our computer with some software. These software will get the access to your data in which you need to allow the permissions for the Backup.

Backup via iClouds.

iCloud backup is the backup which is stored in the cloud rather than your PC in which you get the free storage of 5GB, if you need more then you must have to upgrade or you need to pay some money for more storage. For setup the iCloud backup you need to Click in to Settings> iCloud> Backup.

There are still some ways of backup th device for which you need to pay for their service if you use the above method then it will take some little effort and it can be done easily.

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