How to Track your lost iPhone device?

How to Track your lost iPhone device?

If you lost your device then no problem you will get it, if you follow these tips you can protect your device without losing a data & what if your device battery had died being somewhere else. Make sure that you read this full article.

Ways to track your lost iPhone

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is an application which is developed by Apple that allows locating your device where it has been which tracks and show about the location. This service is only for Apple devices which are integrated into iOS & mac OS.

Features of Find my iPhone:

  • If your phone is lost and you think that the data is not in the safe hand then you can completely erase it with its features. Such that you make sure that once in a while you take an external backup every month.
  • Sounder Bomb, I personally like this feature because when your iPhone gets lost or stolen anywhere you can make the device play sound like a bomber until you get your device.



By using the Fonehome application, you may receive information about the GPS based location of your stolen iPhone. And this application allows you to take the photos remotely, that’s the best part of this Application can capture the images of the thieves too.

The Feature of FoneHome:

  • If you want to locate your Phone which you lost somewhere else first find the phone with the Find my iPhone then get to that location. And press the siren from another iOS device.
  • This application is the best because if someone stole the device you can capture any time you want to check who has your device.

Mobile Spy

This application is based on a subscription which is used to locate the lost or stolen phone. Which includes a web-based personal account using which you can find your phone, see the contact that has been added, track incoming calls, text & email. You can use any device for login before it must have to be signed in through into your phone.

The feature of Mobile Spy:

  • Live screenshots- it automatically takes capture the image those who are having the phone right now then it has been stored in the Mobile Spy server which helps to track the GPS also.
  • This application comes with more features like when an unknown person get our phone and if he uses it. Then all the things which he does like on the web browser, application installation & social networking log it tracks each and every data which that person does.

Google Timeline

This is an web-based server provided by the Google Platform. This is the platform in which you can see the location where the phone has been before that you must have to be logged in to that particular device which you have to find. Then if you missed your phone somewhere else then log in to your account and search Google Timeline you will get there then go to your location and check the location on your laptop/Desktop or any other device.

Features of Google Timeline:

  • For creating the Timeline you will need to turn on the location on your iOS device. For that, you need to:

Tap menu> Setting> Personal Content> location setting> and keep that location always on.

Final Words

You can get many Apps available on the Appstore you can try that application also these are the best application which worked for us and hope it worked for you too.

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