iOS Hidden features which every apple user must know

iOS Hidden features which every apple user must know

Have you ever try to find the hidden features on your iOS device. This article will help you find some important hidden features which you must need to know for sure.

Multiple face id for lock opening

iPhone comes with the face unlocking system, which opens with the authorized face which has been set up, at the early stage I taught that owner of the device only can get the access to the face unlocking did you know, we can add our partner face through which it unlocks the phone with the multiple id for face locking.

Search Photos by People & Places

This update is given by Google for improving the photo application. So for using these features open the photo application in that, you will see the search tab above all the images which includes Memories, Places, People, Albums etc. in that you need to search for places, people & many more things which you needed that can be less known for some of the users. The user can personalized album according to their convenience.

BedTime Mode

BedTime mode is a Timer app which is available in the bottom of the Timer App that is present in your iPhone. Just click & get started then set the time when you need to wake up it will remind you throughout the weekdays that will help you to keep track of your sleep and you can customize the Ringtone & Volume which you need. We can note or we can easily track our sleep. This kind of application is coming with the paid version in the Appstore but in this, we don’t need to pay even a $1

Screen record with iOS inbuilt Application

Apple comes with a new feature for recording the screen what you are doing on your device can be recorded on your screen. You can record your screen with Screen Recording Application which is an inbuilt application which the user must click the screen recording after that the screen recording starts with the microphone. before this application many Third Party application providing screen recording but it must be given access to the device so Apple saw and built their own apps on Screen Recording with Audio recording. Then after the recorded screen video, it can be viewed & shared with others too.

Handwriting Notes

For getting access to the Handwritten Mode the device must be in the landscape on your iPhone in iPad it can be in landscape or portrait mode

Tap on the right side corner of the handwriting symbol to get the handwritten format. Once you click into this a popup will be shown by which you can write the Handwritten notes.

Detailed Battery Status

Go to Setting> Battery & scroll down. You can check your battery details according to their application usages with some good graph we can understand the status of our Battery up to the previous 10 days.

So these are some of the basic hidden features which you must have to be known if you are using iOS.

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