TinyUmbrella for Android

Android is software and a Linux based operating system, which is used in devices like smartphones tablets computers. Generally, Android is used in smartphones and smartphones are used by almost 90 – 95 % of population of the world be it they are children be it they are teenagers be it they are adults or be it they are older people. Everybody loves to use smartphones these days. In fact, our life revolves around the smartphones. We wake up with smartphones in our hands and sleep with smartphones in our hands not only because we like using it but also we are so much addicted to it. We are addicted to it because today the whole world can be clubbed under it such as our pictures, memories, videos, documents, important files, messages, banking, money, and many more things. It is very easy to store and use the things on a smartphones. We can use our things whenever we want anytime anywhere.

What if we loose all our data accidentally from the device? Moreover, what if we want to recover them?

Here comes the firmware in the picture. We need the specialized software or application to backup and store the data we have on our smartphones. This is the reason some software developers developed the Tiny Umbrella software, which help smartphone owners to keep a copy of their as an external file which in future can be restored if needed. Tiny Umbrella help in fixing bugs on the devices too. Actually, it help in fixing various issues such as fixing the device which is in recovery mode, help in solving the problem of black screen, help in solving the problem of looping in the starting. Tiny Umbrella is considered one of the best applications available in our hands for fixing the bugs on the devices.

Tiny Umbrella is an application for android, which is used by the android smartphone users to restore and downgrade the firmware of their android devices because many times, we accidently update the devices and we do not like the updated or latest firmware and we want to go to our older version of firmware. We can do this with the application called Tiny Umbrella.

Tiny Umbrella has user-friendly interface and it is very easy and simple to use. Tiny Umbrella is used to save SHSH blobs signatures as an external file, which in future is needed for restoring the older version of firmware. All the SHSH blobs are saved as an external type file. In that external file, all the SHSH blobs that are saved at different times are merged in one file.

It is considered a very convenient application for both iOS as well as the android users. By using the application Tiny Umbrella, we can easily perform the restoration process of the firmware without any inconvenience. We just have to restore our data from a backup file or the device itself.

TinyUmbrella is the application, which is developed by the semaphore. The company merged its two different software that are Tiny TSS and Umbrella into one application for users convenience. This application was initially developed to serve only iOS devices but later on company decided to convert it in android also because there was a demand for it and android version become much popular than iOS version. In addition, we have no need to buy it, as it is a free licensed application, which we have to simply download it from the Internet.

Download TinyUmbrella for android


Steps to download the TinyUmbrella for android:

  1. First thing we have to do is to change the setting of our device.
    1. Go to settings.
    2. Select the security option.
    3. Select the unknown sources.
  2. Switch on the unknown sources in the device setting so that Tiny Umbrella can be installed.
  3. Download the Tiny Umbrella application.
  4. Launch the Tiny Umbrella application.
  5. Now open the Tiny Umbrella application.
  6. Click on android data recovery.
  7. Start scanning so that we can know the already stored files.
  8. Scanning process takes few minutes to complete.
  9. Now save the current version of firmware or restore the older version of firmware by using the USB cable.

Features the application TinyUmbrella have:

  1. Tiny Umbrella helps its users to get out from the recovery mode of the device.
  2. Tiny Umbrella helps detecting the risky applications on the device.
  3. Tiny Umbrella inform it users that which version of the firmware is safe to downgrade or restore on the device.
  4. Tiny Umbrella help in saving the SHSH blobs.
  5. Tiny Umbrella help in restoring the system information.
  6. Tiny Umbrella helps in restoring the older version of the firmware.


  1. License: Free
  2. Size: Around 36 MB
  3. Used in: Android devices.