TinyUmbrella for windows free download 100% working

TinyUmbrella for windows free download 100% working

As we can understand from its name itself TinyUmbrella for Windows is little umbrella, which is used for protecting the older version of the devices. It is used for various purposes, related to the firmware also. TinyUmbrella is a free and easily understandable software used for iDevices such as iPhones, iPods, etc. but these days it is available for windows too. The windows version was created by the firmware. It is also known as the firmware umbrella for windows.

TinyUmbrella is the software which is used for various purposes like downloading and saving the SHSH blob file, it also help us in turning the downloaded SHSH file into IPSW files, it help us in fixing the recovery and it is used for much more things but the purpose which is considered more is downgrading the device. It is one of the best, application software that we have in our hands these days.

In other words, we can say that if we want our device back to its original status we can use the software TinyUmbrella. TinyUmbrella need the administrative privileges too. TinyUmbrella is a java based tool.

TinyUmbrella is licensed as free software for laptops and PC, which have windows operating system of 32 bits and 64 bits. The firmware umbrella develops it. This software is easily available on the Internet and can be easily downloaded.

tinyUmbrella for windows

TinyUmbrella is helpful software, which is especially designed for the users who want to downgrade their devices in an easy way. It helps users to save the SHSH blobs files as an external file and use them in future whenever needed by starting TSS server.

Jailbreak process indicates getting the root access to the device’s operating system that run on the Devices such as window 10, window 8, window 7 etc. it also allows users to install and use third party unofficial apps on the device. It is also known as jailbreak or jailbreaking. In other terms, jailbreaking give us the advance options on Devices such as windows 10 and other window devices and thankfully, on the other hand, it is available on most of the window device, earlier jailbreaking seems one of the very difficult things to do. One easy thing we can do is downgrade the version on the device but that too cannot be done in an official manner.

TinyUmbrella is a blend of two earlier tools. For using it on our device, we need to install and run Java. Let us break the two terms and understand it more clearly and precisely.

  • Tiny (TSS) – this is the local server, which is used to restore the older version and the SHSH file.
  • Umbrella – this is used to store the SHSH (secure signature hash) file in the device and downgrade the same in future.

TinyUmbrella is software used by users for saving their SHSH blobs mainly. Here a question pops up into the mind.

What is exactly SHSH?

Here is the answer; SHSH is a unique key. It is a tiny part of data that records information related to the firmware and the device. Using SHSH is very easy for the users to understand and use.

What is the need of the TinyUmbrella ? What is the need of using this software?

We need this because sometime if we accidently update our device or download the latest version on our device we will loose the older firmware, which might be a cause of great problem for many people. Therefore, to download, save, and restore the older version we need software like these. This is the reason we need TinyUmbrella.

As we know, TinyUmbrella program is also useful for fixing the recovery mode of the device because the device can easily get into the recovery mode but it is not that easy to get out of the recovery mode so easily. Here comes TinyUmbrella software in the picture. TinyUmbrella software helps us to getting out of it without loosing any data and there is no need to restore the device.

Working of the TinyUmbrella program:

When we get a new version of the device or update the Devices a tiny data is saved on the device automatically which is generally known as the SHSH blob. This SHSH blob holds some information of the firmware and the device, which is stored into an external file. It is stored in an external file because officially windows give us only few days to downgrade the Device.

Download TinyUmbrella for windows:

TinyUmbrella works on iDevices such as iPhone iPod as well as on window devices such as window 7 to window 10.

It requires the latest version of java to be pre-installed on the device, which we are using for the downgrading. TinyUmbrella requires java to be pre-installed because the software itself is written in java and therefore can work with java only. Java is the direct and simple language used for most of the applications.

Steps to download the TinyUmbrella for windows:

  1. Click on start.
  2. Click on run.
  3. Type “MSC” in the box and click enter.
  4. Search an application which is running on the port “80”.
  5. Stop that application.
  6. Now download the TinyUmbrella software for windows.

In addition to the above steps, we need to follow some more steps such as:

  1. Disabling IIS.
  2. Make sure apache is not working.
  3. Disable Skype when TinyUmbrella is running.
  4. Custom devices can be added using ECID manually.


  1. Name: tinyumbrella_windows_9_3_4.exe
  2. Size: 36.33 MB
  3. License or fee/cost: free / freeware
  4. Supported OS: windows 10 / windows 8 / windows 7 / vista / XP
  5. Developer: the firmware umbrella.
  6. Last update: April 29, 2019
  7. Language: English


  1. TinyUmbrella is free software.
  2. It is safe to download.
  3. It is updated recently.
  4. It now works with all versions of windows.
  5. It is users choice.
  6. It is easy to use and understand.
  7. It has great interface.