Top 10 ways you can use SIRI better

Top 10 ways you can use SIRI better

Siri is the virtual assistant built by Apple and co. Siri works by user voice command and it also holds the record of first voice assistant in the world. Siri only comes in Apple devices like Apple watch, iPhone and Siri home Assistant. With the simple voice command, you can do your work better with Siri. From controlling T.V to calling your Friend Siri can do many things that you are not aware of.

Google, Cortana, Amazon Alexa, and Siri has widest users in the world. But in Siri, the user interface is far better than the above all. That’s why Siri has a record of 53% users in the world. Google holds the record of 83% Smartphones and Devices and Cortana about only 9% of windows phones and pcs.

By following ways, you can use your Siri better…


Most of the users, Use their assistant to search on the web. Also, you can use Siri by simply saying Hey” Siri…


Apple has its own music app iTunes which has the hell of music and songs, By saying hey Siri play the song and you will get an option like which song to play “say, what songs to play” to Siri and bang.


You can ask Siri a question, Games, Quotes, Jokes. Etc.


By saying “take notes” to Siri, You can tell a note to Siri and set the remainder when you want to remind.


By saying “set an Appointment’ you can fix an appointment using Calendar by Siri. You can customize the date and time, invite your friends and colleagues by saying the single voice command.


Most of the business persons use the assistant for email Because to consume time, typing is boring and a waste of time. By just saying “send an email” Siri will pop up with the option and asks for the recipient to send the mail.


Before leaving from home, Most of us all check about Weather and forecast, By telling Siri “Today’s Wheather” you will get an all kinda weather and climate change reports.


By saying “Today Headline” Siri will tell you the news headline from the major news websites.


In Busy schedule, we don’t remember some important things or small things like drinking water or something else. By saying Siri to “remind me” it will give you the remainder. But before that, you have to set a reminder of what to “say in what time”.

Control your Appliances with Siri:

By connecting Siri with your smart light, T.V, Home theatre, You can control the appliances by clapping or Saying voice command like “ON” or “off”.

In Car:

By connecting your device with Bluetooth of your car, You can pin the exact location of the car in maps. If you want to check your car where it is parked, Just say Siri to “Where is my car”. It will give you the exact location of the car.

These are 10 Best way to use your virtual assistant Siri.


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