JailBreaking what does it mean? What are some Pros & Cons of it?

JailBreaking what does it mean? What are some Pros & Cons of it?

JailBreaking the name itself says that its an illegal way of doing it is the process of removing the device software restriction. Which allows modifying your device to change its behavior & its restriction. A large portion of the general population having an iPhone, iPad or iPod have likely known about the term JailBreaking.On a surface, JailBreaking may appear as basic as connecting a computer to your work area, doing random clicks, waiting for few several time and the Jailbreaking is done. Is it…! Noooo, it’s not an easy procedure as you are thinking. It requires a lot of steps involved in the JailBreaking if it is done properly then well good if not then you may need to go with a new iPhone.

What does JailBreaking do?

JailBreaking helps to install the Third-party Apps on your device which is not legal under Apple which doesn’t allow to do it because they want the control the user experience, which is the same for everyone.

The JailBreaking involves to control of the root file partition of the iOS. This is where the Apple files are stored, in order to control it must be patched.

The root file that controls the permission of the root file partition on the device.

The default security of the device is read-only you can see it but you can not modify. The major reason why it is not getting modified which has to pass through certain checkpoints. Apple put in the checkpoints to verify if the file is legit or from a third Party App. Every file is signed with the Digital signature or key without it the file is useless.

How to get these keys?

Apple doesn’t give the key very easily to verify the checkpoint, we either have to fix the lock by fixing each & every checkpoint. So those are all the things behind JailBreaking. As Y’all can see it is not a simple task it requires more time & effort. If you are not stressed over the Apple Warranty then you can take a stab over JailBreaking.

Pros of Jailbreaking?

  • The main Advantage of jailbreaking on your iOS is you can customize your phone the way you need (like changing of themes, adding fonts & colors)
  • You can easily download any Application, video, audio, music, Images. You can check your File Manager like compared to Android.
  • Most of the paid Apps will be free for the Jailbreaking Devices.

Cons of JailBreaking?

  • If you install the JailBreaking then at the first step you lost your Warranty.
  • iPhone which is said to be the most secure device compared to Android but once Jailbreaking is done then the security of your iPhone is lost.
  • The user can not update the software in future updates.
  • And the Battery power will be Shortened after the JailBreak.


If you decided to jailbreak your Apple device which is not an illegal thing, do some proper research & enjoy the Jailbreaking system.


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