Why iOS is better than Android?

Why iOS is better than Android?

Android is best in its own & iOS is best in its own Market. Most of them say that Android is better than iPhone and most of them says that the iPhone is better than Android. Let’s dive into the article, Why iOS is better than Android.

Best user interface

Apple comes with the best & simple user interface which helps the user to manage the application which allows swiping, touch, pinch, zoom, and many other gestures It provides motion effect like 3D over the application with some cool notification system and their widgets. There are much plenty of themes are available on the iPhone which can set according to your wish.


iOS runs very well in 2GB of RAM without lagging by dozens of the application installed over it, which is their uniqueness whereas the Android device’s with 2GB is not sufficient for the user who uses their phone every time if lots of application is installed then It starts lagging which can cause irritation to the user. Apple also nowadays coming with some good storage of RAM for the improvement of speed which android cannot manage.

Security & Privacy

iOS comes with more secure than Android because the iPhone operating system is closed whereas the Android Operating System is free to use where anyone can get access to edit. The chances of getting iPhone hacked is not an easy thing compared to Android such as Android can be hacked easily with third-party apps. Google Play store tends to have more malicious apps because anyone can publish their application inside the play store. Whereas, the iOS app store is more secure in this if any developer needs to publish their application they must be verified first before publishing to the Appstore.

Update is Up to Date

Apple updates are given frequently and helps the user to get better user experience which debugs all the issues related to the previous update and the update reaches on time on the same day for all the iOS users whereas in Android people complain about the update where one may receive immediately or some other person may get delayed for the update. The iOS update also supports in the latest version which is only enough for a reason why iOS is better than Android

Say Bye to Third Party Messaging Application

iMessage is a message sending application provided by Apple for their user and the best part here is we can send the message with connected to the Wi-Fi. iMessage does the work of SMS & MMS which we can share stickers, emojis & much more cool features. You can connect with the MAC book and reply message over there. These messages can only be sent for the Apple users only.

Still, some mobile companies do copy the hardware like iPhone, for example, Xiaomi, One Plus etc, which launches some of their product similar to Apple device. There itself the Android loses their originality in this case the Winner will be iOS.

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